"Circles of Life"

In each painting, some form of a circle has been incorporated to represent an aspect of life.  For me circles symbolize concentrations of completeness and unity which also include an embracing of those necessary imperfections that comprise our ideal whole.

With these concepts in mind, I set about painting representative circular artworks that would include colour saturation and express a personal story.  It was a challenge to take on circles however over the course of painting, it turned into a most satisfying experience as  I focused on how each piece echoed segments of my life.

"Joy Bubbles"

So many people I know were going through some sort life crisis
that my thought was to send them a symbol of hope and great joy.
The memory of blowing bubbles as a child is one of sheer happiness.

"Life is just a bowl of blue stuff"

Thoughts about chopsticks, bowls (I'm quite fond of bowls), and that we seldom eat blue foods.  I knew someone who would get nearly nauseated at the sight of lavender icing on a cake.   Maybe
blue food will be the new thing, for example, blueberry rice.

"Almost Kalimba"

There is an African instrument which has the most melodious sound.  My dream is to purchase one and then you will find me in a garden making beautiful music.

"Birth of Mankind"

Quite a few friends were pregnant around the time that
work began on this painting.  It was a relief to know that
all went well and that we can welcome new munchkens 
to our world.


The title of this painting came from listening
for hours on end to AKA Twigs.  The form
reminds me of a vase with twigs climbing 
up to mysterious flowers.